Social Media: Best Image Sizes

["Social Media: Best Image Sizes" was first published on April 22, 2015]

The following is a guideline for best social media image sizes, based on several online sources.

  • Facebook

    Header image: 851px X 315px

    Post image: 470px X 470px or 470px X 246px or 281px X 394px

    The square and landscape image will be resized to a width of 470px and the height will adjust proportionally. The portrait image will be resized to a height of 394px and the width will adjust proportionally.

  • Google Plus

    Header image: 2120px X 1192px

    Post image: 426px X 213px. The image will be resized to a width of 426px and the height will adjust proportionally.

  • Instagram

    Header image: 204px X 204px or 409px X 409px

    Feed image: 510px X 510px

    Thumbnail: 161px X 161px

  • LinkedIn

    Header image: 1600px X 375px

    Post image: 698px X 400px

    Thumbnail: 180px X 110px

  • Pinterest

    Feed image: the width will resize to 236px and height will adjust proportionally.

    Expanded image: the width will resize to 736px.

  • Twitter

    Header image: 1500px X 500px

    Tweet image: 599px X 358px

    Summary card with large image: images are scaled to fit a width of 480px.

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