Connecting Will Create More Opportunities Than Marketing

I gave up using the term ‘marketing’ many years ago and started to use the term ‘Strategic Connecting’.

Why would I stop using a term that is so commonly employed? Because marketing has become a word that means everything yet can also mean nothing — all at the same time. Marketing departments and managers can create campaigns, plans and strategies without having to leave their desk.

This is not going to build a brand or create leads for the business of today.

In the new business world, being ‘connected’ is the way forward. Understanding your market, your audience and those in your industry is key.

Subject matter experts, as they are called, know what they are talking about and haven’t just read it from a book. They have years of experience in building the right relationships that ultimately open doors to great opportunities and clients.

If you are looking to invest into your ‘marketing’ — which you should — or in charge of the marketing activity for your business, consider the following before sitting down and creating a 20-page document that no-one will follow (let alone read).

1. Are you an expert at what you do?

The more confident you are in what you know, the more willing you are to share it — and the easier it is for people to build trust with you and your brand.

2. Do you mix with the right people?

Don’t assume a high profile person in an industry is the key to more business. Sometimes it is the middle managers who make the decisions on hiring, firing and contracting.

3. Are you putting in effort?

I talk about effort a lot. It is a big deal to me. You should be going above and beyond what you’re being paid to do (and with a smile on your face). Often clients may not see you do this, but others will. It is a big tick for anyone looking to hire you or use your services.

4. Stay connected.

This is where using your social media tools is key. Make sure you’re connected with the right people on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and any other medium that is relevant to your business.

5. Educate at all times.

Make sure you are sharing information to your networks and educating them on what you know best. How else can they tell you know what you’re talking about? Share, share, share! Don’t worry about your competitor seeing it. You’re better than them anyway, right?

6. Throw out your marketing plan

Change the way you run the department and rethink your approach. If you have a marketing manager then turn them into a Strategic Connector instead. They need to be across all departments of your business and know the key stakeholders IN your business so as to leverage the people, the relationships and any opportunities as much as possible

If you need help with advising your marketing department or if you’re looking to have an interim provider who can do the work for you and train up others, send me an email.

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