A Peek Into The Usability Of MCL Interactive

I am so glad! My website received a rave review from User Testing.

In my previous post, Top 8 Tips for Designing a Great Web Page, I recommend to get feedback on your web page’s usability from a group of people that resembles your target audience. Using User Testing is a good way to receiving a constructive critique for this purpose.

Steve Krug, the Author of Don’t Make Me Think, recommends User Testing. He said, "One of the very few tools I recommend. Requires almost no effort and gets you results incredibly quickly."

Click the image below to listen to the review on YouTube. The video lasts less than 5 minutes because this was a FREE test. The process was very easy; I retrieved http://peek.usertesting.com/ in my browser window, submitted my site’s URL, and entered my name and email address in the subsequent page. I received the video on my inbox within one hour. This was a great experience.

The original video can be found here.

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Maria C. Lima

Maria C. Lima has spent the past 10 years studying web development and becoming a sought-after independent technology innovator in New York City. She now runs MCL Interactive, her own NYC design and technology firm, where she prides herself in providing creative web solutions for savvy entrepreneurs. She helps bring their vision to life in a beautiful and functional web presence. Her goal is to take care of all the techy stuff so that they can do what they love and work on growing their businesses. You can find her on Twitter (@mclinteractive) or on Facebook (Facebook.com/mclinteractive). Read more

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