Online Tools To Test Your Website

Here are some online tools you can use to test your website:

  • Screenfly to test your site on most common devices.
  • BrowserStack to test your site on several browsers and devices.
  • You can take free screenshots of your web page at modern.IE to test it for responsive design across devices. You can find other development tools at this center.

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Maria C. Lima has spent the past 10 years studying web development and becoming a sought-after independent web designer & developer in New York City. She now runs MCL Interactive, her own NYC design and technology firm, where she prides herself in providing creative web solutions for savvy entrepreneurs. She helps bring their vision to life in a beautiful and functional web presence. Her goal is to take care of all the techy stuff so that they can do what they love and work on growing their businesses. You can find her on Twitter (@mclinteractive) or on Facebook ( Read more

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