How to Throw an Amazing Business Event

Business Event

The list of reasons why throwing an amazing business event is important stretches out for miles. Not only do these events strengthen your brand image, but they also increase brand awareness, help you meet experts and leaders in your niche, and promote strong network bonds and connections. Still, talking about a perfect business event and…

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The Impact of Cryptocurrency on Small Businesses


Seldom has there been a buzzword that caused such a stir like cryptocurrency has. Indeed, it does sound too geeky to the layman’s ears but internet users of the 21st century are well aware of the significance of cryptocurrencies. However, being inseparably linked to finances, cryptos inevitably led to one important question: How will they…

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What Business Metrics Should You Track to Increase Your Conversions?

Business Metrics

Boosting your conversions sounds like a great plan, yet, this is not something that can just happen on its own. Same like with boosting your traffic, you know what you want, however, you don’t necessarily know how to get there in the best way possible. That being said, there are several metrics you should keep…

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The Six Rules for Success as an Entrepreneur

Success Rules

You’ve asked me over and over what the rules are for success as an entrepreneur. As a serial entrepreneur, I’ve given a lot of thought to what makes a business successful. I’ve come up with my super six rules for success as an entrepreneur. The Six Rules for Success as an Entrepreneur 1. Determine your…

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Going Global: International Branding Strategies

global brending

A lot of people make a mistake of misinterpreting what the term going global actually means. For instance, they assume that all you’re actually doing is opening an identical store or expanding your service to a new region in hopes of reaching greater numbers, which is definitely not the case. What you’re doing is diversifying…

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How Blockchain Technology Affects Our Life


There has not been an internet buzzword as strong as blockchain. Hardly could we read any news item in the past few years without coming across an article mentioning the blockchain technology. It wasn’t hard to guess the impact it had, and continues to have, on the world we live in. But be that as…

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