Fixing Your Dysfunctional Workplace

Dysfunctional Workplace

Are you finding it difficult to focus on running your business because of increasing staff turnover, management conflicts & an overall negative culture? These are all the symptoms of a dysfunctional workplace. Having a dysfunctional workplace is the quickest way to increase cost and decrease productivity at the same time. It’s a lose-lose-lose situation. You’re…

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5 Ways to Improve Your Startup’s Social Media Presence

It’s never easy being the new kid on the block, especially when that block is some three-billion strong and you have to fight for every shred of attention, expressed of course in likes, follows, and shares. Nevertheless, social media has become one of the most powerful (if not the most powerful) mass media marketing tools…

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3 Features to Consider When Purchasing a Visitor Management System

Visitor Management System

Investing in security is like investing in the business itself. No matter how well you can operate it, it won’t matter if you can’t protect it. Currently, it seems like the focus is on data protection. However, actual physical security is something every business should take constant care of. To secure your site or a…

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Eliminate Stress from Your Business Travel Equation

Business Travel

Stress is something that goes hand in hand with business traveling. It is a trap that is easy to fall into and the one from which it can be so hard to get out of because the element of “expectation” always lingers above your head. In other words, business travelling is traveling with a very…

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Best Ways to Measure Marketing ROI


When it comes to business and marketing, there is nothing more significant than Return on investment (ROI). A key performance indicator (KPI), measuring ROI is a surefire way of evaluating your marketing success over time and guiding future business decisions. As many channels as you can use to promote business, there are at least the…

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Different Loyalty Programs for Retaining Customers

Loyalty Programs

Many businesses seek out various ways to ensure their customer retention, engagement and loyalty. The fact of the matter is that existing customers oftentimes tend to spend 67% more than new customers. Not only that, but it’s around 7 times more expensive to acquire a new customer than it is to retain one. For that…

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