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About Maria

Maria is an esteemed and celebrated independent web developer based in New York City. Her design and development work shows tremendous passion and insight, which she brings to all of her clients and projects with love, professionalism, and an esteemed work ethic admired by all who partner with Maria.

Her extensive career has spanned both corporate and freelance positions, working both front-end designs and back-end technologies for leading media and communications companies, often taking on the position as in-house resident expert.

Maria now leads MCL Interactive, an independent design and development firm based in New York City. She prides herself on providing creative and functional web solutions for savvy entrepreneurs. Always eager to learn and adapt emerging technologies, Maria will bring any vision to life.


Maria graduated with a BS in Computer Information Systems from Mercy University in 2007 and obtained a Certification in Web Development from New York University in 2006. She regularly educates herself on the newest technologies to keep up with the latest trends and tools in web development and design.

Maria Lima

“Education, interaction, and passion leads to achievement.”

– Maria C. Lima


Interactivity is key to professional development.

Early in her career, Maria worked in corporate finance, translating large-scale executive projects into spreadsheets and graphical representations to measure departmental performance, identify trends, and predict future values. Executives want quick and accurate results. This experience taught her the values of understanding the vision being presented and turning it into the desired results.

After obtaining her Computer Information Systems degree and Web Development certification, Maria went on to work in several corporate environments where she built an impressive technical portfolio.

My business is special. Is it unique?

Maria’s passion shines through her work, wherever she is. One day, while working in-house for a media company, the department manager decided to give the same assignment to both Maria and a co-worker: Translate a static .psd file into a live web page. Maria and her colleague both published the project on their respective websites. Surprised, their manager asked: “Why do these same projects look so different?” The department editor said to the manager, “Because Maria does it with LOVE!”

This is the core value of all Maria’s work. Love.

Maria Lima

“Creativity, passion, and discovery leads to affirmation.”

– Maria C. Lima