10 Common Digital Marketing Mistakes and How to Fix Them

Marketing Mistakes

Whether you’re spending a fortune on your digital marketing or nothing at all (yet) you need to be aware of the most common mistakes: what you’re doing wrong, why it’s not working and how you can protect yourself from being taken advantage of. Mistakes to avoid 1. Thinking social media is everything You are confusing…

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Fixing Your Dysfunctional Workplace

Dysfunctional Workplace

Are you finding it difficult to focus on running your business because of increasing staff turnover, management conflicts & an overall negative culture? These are all the symptoms of a dysfunctional workplace. Having a dysfunctional workplace is the quickest way to increase cost and decrease productivity at the same time. It’s a lose-lose-lose situation. You’re…

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Content Marketing When You Hate Writing Content

Content Marketing

We know you want your brand to be a leader in your industry — and it’s the same whether it’s your personal brand or your business brand. Doing this means you have to keep promoting your expertise to the world, and that requires creating content. For most business people this is an excruciating task. We’re…

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Stop Wasting Your Time And Start Making Money

Making Money

I get a lot of different questions, but the one question I am asked most is “how can I make more money?” Simple. Start cutting out time wasters in your life. These wastes of your time may be people you’re spending time with, distractions like television and computer games — or the very common partying…

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How To Network Just Two Hours A Week

Strategic Networking

Being a CEO, a business owner, or a busy executive, you really don’t have time to take an extra breath — let alone invest your time in networking activities. You know you need to be doing it, but you just can’t seem to generate enough effort to go out and hit it — and hit…

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Be Careful Who You Work With: How To Protect Your Brand

Protect Your Brand

Not all that glitters is gold. Yes, it’s an old saying, but it is a wise warning that not everything that grabs our attention or looks amazing is real, valuable and will stand the test of time. This is an important rule when it comes to choosing who you should work with, work for or…

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Strategic Connecting When You Hate People … Or Networking

Strategic Connecting

Connecting is something we all must do in order to build business and keep our business relationships strong. However, not everyone is a natural at it. In fact, many people dislike the prospect of having to meet and speak to people to make those connections — and therefore they avoid doing it altogether. But while…

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Didn’t Hit Your Peak Success in 2016?

Didn't Hit Your Peak Success?

Do you feel like your 2016 wasn’t as successful as you’d hoped? You had a plan in place, you followed it, and … still didn’t hit the targets and goals you envisaged. You’re not alone. Securing new business is getting harder and harder these days, with every industry saturated with the good, the bad and…

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5 Ways To Generate Business In 7 Days

Generate Business

Hands up all those who don’t want more business… I thought so. Everybody wants to grow their business, and generally we’re told it’s a slow-but-steady process at best. But there are some strategies you can use to grow faster. If you’re looking for ways to generate business quickly, be strategic and look around at what…

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