5 Things to Know About Reading Financial Statements for a Small Business

Financial Statements

Your company’s financial statements can provide you with a wealth, pun intended, of information. Don’t let them collect virtual dust on your computer. Use them to grow and strengthen your business. The first step, of course, is to learn about reading financial statements. So, let’s focus on the five most important things. 1. There are…

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3 Ways to Increase Your Brand Awareness

Brand Awareness

How much time and energy do you spend on brand awareness? Maybe a better question is “What is brand awareness?” For many, this is a small part of their overall marketing strategy, yet when done correctly, increasing brand awareness can amplify your other marketing efforts. When more people know who you are, there are more…

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Small Business Grants: How to Get Started!

Business Grants

Starting up a small business has never been easier, thanks to the Internet. However, many aspiring business owners underestimate just how much it will take to launch their business. This being the case, it’s always a good idea to explore small business grants. What are small business grants? Small business grants are offered by Federal…

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Sales Skills – You Don’t Have to Be Born With Them

Sales Skills

Are you a good salesperson? Do you have solid sales skills? Most people answer this question with a shake of their head, NO. For most people sales seems tough. Each encounter is different from the last. You don’t know what’s going on in their mind and it often feels like every word you utter can…

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How to Become an Entrepreneur

Become An Entrepreneur

There are basically two types of people; those that want to be their own boss and those that don’t. For those that want to be their own boss, it can be a struggle initially. Most are not born knowing how to become an entrepreneur. Many successful business owners got there by making a ton of…

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The Six Rules for Success as an Entrepreneur

Success Rules

You’ve asked me over and over what the rules are for success as an entrepreneur. As a serial entrepreneur, I’ve given a lot of thought to what makes a business successful. I’ve come up with my super six rules for success as an entrepreneur. The Six Rules for Success as an Entrepreneur 1. Determine your…

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Business Partner: What Skills Are They Bringing to the Party?

Business Partner

Have you been thinking you might want a business partner? This can mean different things to different people. You might be looking to partner with someone for a specific project or you may be looking for a full-time business partner. But what should you do first? How do you start your partnership and get the…

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How to Get Out of The Start-Up Business Phase

Start-up Business

Starting a business is not for the faint of heart. It takes guts, courage and a lot of hard work. And at times it may feel like you are never going to get out of the start-up phase. For some, this phase can last years and feel like it may never end. A Startup Business…

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Your Pre Public Relations Game Plan

Public Relations

Do you dream of the day that a national talk show wants you as a guest? Maybe it is that moment that Oprah chooses your book for her book club. How do those moments happen for a small business owner? It is usually the result of a lot of Public Relations. Public relations is simply…

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