Brand Influencers

Turn Employees Into Brand Influencers

Every employee should be marketing your brand, even if they are not part of your marketing team. But there is a difference between classic sales marketing and the ‘brand influencing’ we’re talking about here.

The worst thing you can tell your non-marketing employees is that times have changed and they need also be “sales people” for your business. Instead, take the approach that each employee is a brand influencer. Employees need to feel and understand they are part of your brand. That everything they do is of value and therefore the more strategic they are the more influence they have.

Everyone wants to take pride in their work and know they are making a difference to the business in a positive way. This requires the top level of the organisation to take a different approach to the standard role of an employee from the recruiting process and throughout their time working for the business.

Your guide on turning employees into brand influencers:

  1. Teach about your brand. The first step is to make sure each employee understands the brand of your business. Why it started. The purpose of the brand. This needs to happen from the recruitment and induction process and continue throughout their employment
  2. Give them a role as brand influencer. Each employee has a role to play in your business. However they may have a natural talent for networking or writing or even social media. Work out how they can have fun utilizing their skills while also representing your brand at the same time?
  3. Observe and reward. Take the time to see what your employees are doing to represent your brand. It could be connecting to people at events, using a hashtag or coming up with a new idea – all of which would increase your brand awareness and influence. Once you identify this, reward it.
  4. Provide training. Don’t assume your employees understand how to network, write emails or use social media. Run regular free workshops and training for your employees. For example, a workshop on LinkedIn on how to develop it for their personal brand and career is a bonus for building your brand recognition also.

If you need help turning employees into brand influencers or if you would like to run some workshops on networking, connecting, social media get in touch.

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