5 Ways Brands Use Marketing Events to Grow

Unlike clear-cut advertisements and promotional content, engaging and interactive content has become the modern-day favorite for brands and customers alike. We don’t have the patience or the desire to sit through a lengthy commercial, but we sure can benefit from social media polls, educational and informative blogs, and of course events.

Brands love to connect with their customers, but businesses can also use such occasions to mingle and network. This is where some of the finest investments are made and the most profitable partnerships solidified.

Truth be told, this year might not be the best for large-scale events where hosts invite hundreds of eager entrepreneurs and industry experts. However, you can still leverage online gatherings, seminars, and workshops, while you plan your live events with a greater focus on substance and a carefully-selected guest list. Here are a few ideas you can use to grow your business with the help of networking events!

Generate buzz before the event

Getting industry experts and eager business enthusiasts under one roof is reason enough for many people to feel inclined to join your event. For others, it takes a little more effort and inspiration, such as the promise of their favorite vendors there, a music performance, or a chance to take part in a free workshop.

Use your social media channels, your website, and any other outlet available to promote your event and generate interest beforehand. Set up social media contests to hand out a few tickets to the event, and invite notable business owners directly. The effort you invest before the event itself can make all the difference in how successful the actual event will be.

Make sure your catering is sublime

In addition to generating pre-event buzz and putting together a perfect guest list, you want your guests to feel taken care of. You need to select a catering company that will wow your guests with their versatile, inclusive menu options (vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free included) and signature beverages.

Of course, it’s always easy to start a conversation with the right drink in your hand and near the canape station! People are always much more eager to connect over good food and drinks than when they’re just shuffling through piles of flyers on offer.

Tech to the rescue for your presentations

The content of your event is the key reason why someone would attend. However, you should also make sure that the delivery of that content is superb so that everyone can enjoy themselves without disruptions or annoyances. Have you ever visited an event where the presentation was barely audible or the music was so loud you couldn’t talk to anyone? That’s what makes the difference.

Make sure that your exquisite speakers are supported by professional audio equipment for events to elevate the quality of your content to a whole new level. In addition to ensuring that the sound quality of your entertainment and presentations is excellent, you will also be able to record the event and use it for further promotional purposes of your brand.

Dedicated booths as conversation-starters

If you’re co-hosting a larger event, or you’re preparing to be just one out of many businesses attending, you need to create a memorable presence for your brand. These events typically allow brand booths where you can present your marketing collateral, freebies, brochures, flyers. Of course, have your employees engage with people at the event.

Setting up presentations is, as we’ve established, a must, but you should also have a prepared set of activities and interactive materials at your booth. Quizzes are a great way to start conversations when someone stops by, and you can hand out branded freebies to winners.

Keynote speakers and the value you provide

Business events need to have the right appeal to garner interest and get more people involved. What is it that you offer to your guests? Do you have presenters lined up to show their research and the latest studies? What about discussions, lectures, and practical workshops?

Events need to be an opportunity for all those who join, not just for yourself. Plus, they better be entertaining enough, because there are so many alternatives that it’s difficult to compete! In addition to business-related themes and topics, provide a few fun booths and activities, as well.

Live events, just like digital ones, have the potential to help you gain a stronger foothold in your niche. More importantly, they allow you to grow your reputation and to make sure that your business image is positive in the eyes of anyone you interact with every day, from employees to investors and the end consumer. Start planning your next event with these tips in mind, and you’ll gain even better results to help your brand grow.

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