Cyber Security Tips

Cyber Security Tips You Should Know About Right Now

Cyber security is a serious issue that was usually overlooked in the past. However, this subject is becoming more and more popular. The paranoia of the dangers of Google and Facebook knowing everything about us is slowly rising and, no matter how irrelevant this may be to common people and their lives, it gets a much more serious connotation when it comes to companies that need to protect their data. This is especially significant in today’s age of a competitive market where threats of internet privacy invasions are lurking around every corner. In that respect, as an entrepreneur you need to educate yourself quickly and take action immediately, if you haven’t done so yet, in order to protect yourself and your company.

Antivirus software

Installing an antivirus software is one of the first steps you can take to ensure your safety. It is what everyone should do on their PCs, not just companies. However, as a serious entrepreneur, you should consider getting the best antivirus software for your company. Also, ask around which one gives you the best possible conditions suitable for your company’s needs.

Tech support

Every decent company has a department of tech support. It is essential as in the world of IT anything can go wrong at any time. That is why you need a group of competent and trustworthy experts who will be there for you whenever you have a problem. In this day and age where everything is done via computers and the Internet, it’s important to know you can always rely on that system.

Password strategy

Firstly, think about what makes a strong password. By that, we mean more than just using a combination of capitals, numbers and other symbols. The essential logic of creating a word or a set of characters that qualify as a password should be as illogical as possible. The more meaningless the password, the smaller the chances of anyone figuring it out. Changing your passwords regularly should become a habit. If you have the same password for too long, the probability of it being cracked increases. Finally, having one master password that opens many accounts is definitely not a good idea. You should have different passwords for different accounts and databases. It’s harder to remember them all – that’s for sure, but if you store them wisely, you’ll be fine.

Staff education

You definitely shouldn’t be the only person in your company that knows enough about cyber security as you cannot be present in all places at all times. Your employees need to know how to handle potentially risky situations. That’s why you should invest in quality employee cyber security seminars. Ideally, these should be real courses with examinations at the end. It is the proper way to know if everyone actually gained knowledge from the training.

Keep track of employee termination

We already mentioned a competitive market. In that manner, keeping track of your employee’s’ status is key. Regardless of which side decides that a termination should occur, you need to make sure your company is protected against any possible hazards from your soon-to-be-ex employee. Change passwords every time this type of situation occurs. Timing is everything, which is why you need to act fast and wise. People are prone to all sorts of evil doings, especially when their ego is hurt. It is better to be safe than sorry.

Two-factor authentication

This is a method that consists of a set password and an ever-changing code where only a combination of the two enables you to access the system. The changing code appears on tokens you get before you sign in. Needless to say, this is a much more secure process than one that uses only the password since anyone who has only one of these two things will not be able to access the system which eliminates potential hackers.

Use encryption

This is best done with a help of your tech department. Basically, you need a software that will handle data encryption for you. You decide which data should be encrypted and only some people have access to the controls of the software. Of course, make sure to trust only the right people. It is up to your own judgement to decide who you trust most and who the right person for the job is.

Cyber security is extremely important and every businessperson needs to have that in mind. You need to know that it only takes one click for everything to fall apart. This is why constant education in this field is so necessary. Surround yourself with competent and intelligent people who realize the importance of this issue and you’ll be OK.

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