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Eliminate Stress from Your Business Travel Equation

Stress is something that goes hand in hand with business traveling. It is a trap that is easy to fall into and the one from which it can be so hard to get out of because the element of “expectation” always lingers above your head. In other words, business travelling is traveling with a very specific purpose and responsibility. However, you will definitely not become more efficient in doing business deals if you are too anxious, so if you feel such anxieties tend to overwhelm you, here’s how to eliminate stress from your business travel equation.

Have a soundtrack

One of the most benign and non-intrusive ways you can make situations less anxious is to have a designated relaxing soundtrack on your digital device and a pair of ear buds. Whether it’s bossa nova, jazz, movie music, or anything else for that matter, the music that calms your nerves and puts you in a good mood can help immensely during business trips, especially because you will spend a lot of your time traveling and on your feet, darting from one place to another. It is much better option than watching videos online, or distracting yourself with a variety of superfluous and specific information. After all, you have to stay focused on the mission of the trip itself, which renders music the best relaxation option. With that in mind…

Always be prepared

If you want to be less stressful during your business travel arrangements, you have to go into it prepared. Now, this is easier said than done because each of us can easily get drowned in the plethora of administrative and technical proceedings that come with these trips. First of all, be ready to represent your company to the best of your abilities – wear cool promotional hats, have business cards ready, and always wear a flash with a broad presentation of what’s your company’s agenda. Apart from that, you should always stay focused on the goal of the trip. If your company is sending you to strike some deals, you are the ambassador – or the face – of the company. Decisiveness reflects well on all the parties involved.

Book in advance

Even though booking in advance can also be categorized as “always be prepared”, it is such an important aspect of a business trip, filled with its own tips and tricks, that it becomes crucial to single it out. As soon as your business trip is locked in, look at the schedule and book earlier flights accordingly. With that out of the way, look for convenient and affordable accommodations in the proximity of meeting points and hash out the micromanagement details of booking the rooms as soon as you can. Everything should be put in order at least a week before the trip – if we are discussing the short-notice arrangement.

Travel light

The level of stress on any trip, let alone the business trip, is reciprocal to the amount of luggage you are dragging along. Always opt to travel light. Business trips are not vacations, so you should try to carry on what fits into the carry-on unless the trip itself takes longer than a week. In the second case, pack all of your things in one compact traveling bag on wheels and put the essentials in the carry on. If your accommodation has a place where you can do the laundry, you definitely should not pack more than two suits. Reserve the rest of the space for company and personal documentation, as well as the smaller bag with hygienic trinkets and another pair of shoes. Underwear and socks are the only clothes you should pack in abundance if the business trip is long. Think in terms of comfort!

Some people thrive on stress while others get completely dysfunctional because of it. While it is sometimes healthy to approach any obligation or a task with a sense of expectation, stress is rarely helpful. If you want to become better at accomplishing a lot in the business department (and to be perfectly honest, in other departments of life, too), you have to learn what triggers your anxieties and how to deal with them. These tips on how to eliminate stress from your business travel equation are a good starting point.

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