Visitor Management System

3 Features to Consider When Purchasing a Visitor Management System

Investing in security is like investing in the business itself. No matter how well you can operate it, it won’t matter if you can’t protect it. Currently, it seems like the focus is on data protection. However, actual physical security is something every business should take constant care of.

To secure your site or a workplace, you need to manage visitors. Luckily, long are gone the days of pens and papers and writing visitor’s name down. Now you can do it all by using software. Read on to find about three must-have features for a visitor management system.

Physical protection

Physical protection is a constitutive part of visitor management. The management software works much better when you pair it up with adequate items visitors can use for identification.

As far as physical protection goes, the pass system remains the most important practice. Simply, you can create passes for your employees and visitors. Passes may solely contain their ID, but you can add more, such as a QR code or an email address. More information benefits your tracking efforts since it prevents the misuse of passes by users other than the original owner.

Also, you may consider using a separate room for operating the management software. Yet, the pass system is easy to follow. Any time a visitor or an employee enters or leaves your site, you’ll get a notification.

Integrated security

Both information gathering and pass system are a part of integrated security. With enough info and physical protection, the security process becomes effortless. All that is left is to operate the software via notifications.

The notifications give you an instant insight into your site. Also, most management software can be used on multiple devices with a single account. This gives you the opportunity to react immediately. Also, the notifications can be pre-set to create a watchlist.

List creation helps you to stay aware of the most important visitors for a certain period. Manage them as soon as they arrive. It creates better workflow and makes your working site more active. Just remember to create an easy-to-follow visitor policy and implement it regularly. Nobody shall remain unnoticed.

Access visitor data at all times

However, this remains possible as long as you have a good grip on your data. Now, it’s one thing to work with passes and get notifications. It’s something entirely different to use such a system for prolonged periods of time.

To achieve that, you need to collect data at all times, but also be able to access at all times. Now, that is rather simple if your software can operate without the internet. The biggest drawback to these systems is their dependence on a stable internet connection.

Finding software that works without the internet connection means security at all times. Even if there are unknown visitors, simply upload their data later. When the internet connection comes back, an update takes place, ensuring your system is up and running.

The only thing left is to continue to use visitor policy at all times. After all, it comes down to whether or not your employees remain disciplined. But, with the possibility of using multiple devices the risk of error remains insignificant. To be honest, even a little negligence won’t hurt a stable and secure business.

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