The Impact of Cryptocurrency on Small Businesses


Seldom has there been a buzzword that caused such a stir like cryptocurrency has. Indeed, it does sound too geeky to the layman’s ears but internet users of the 21st century are well aware of the significance of cryptocurrencies. However, being inseparably linked to finances, cryptos inevitably led to one important question: How will they…

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What Business Metrics Should You Track to Increase Your Conversions?

Business Metrics

Boosting your conversions sounds like a great plan, yet, this is not something that can just happen on its own. Same like with boosting your traffic, you know what you want, however, you don’t necessarily know how to get there in the best way possible. That being said, there are several metrics you should keep…

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How Blockchain Technology Affects Our Life


There has not been an internet buzzword as strong as blockchain. Hardly could we read any news item in the past few years without coming across an article mentioning the blockchain technology. It wasn’t hard to guess the impact it had, and continues to have, on the world we live in. But be that as…

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Make Your Ecommerce Growth More Sustainable


Electronic commerce, otherwise known as ecommerce, has reshaped the way people buy and sell products and services online. Nowadays, ecommerce is the most popular way to make transactions over the Internet. Needless to say, there are a lot of ecommerce businesses these days, which makes the online market rather crowded and highly competitive. Nevertheless, a…

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Business Partner: What Skills Are They Bringing to the Party?

Business Partner

Have you been thinking you might want a business partner? This can mean different things to different people. You might be looking to partner with someone for a specific project or you may be looking for a full-time business partner. But what should you do first? How do you start your partnership and get the…

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How to Protect Yourself Financially and Legally as a Freelancer

Choosing a career as a freelancer is always a good choice. You favor more flexibility in your work schedule as a freelancer and you’re your own boss. Many people nowadays work as freelancers either to build up enough experience until they find a more stable job or to build a career according to their own…

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Business Benefits of Automation and Orchestration

cloud computing

Nowadays, many businesses leverage the newest technologies, such as cloud-based computing to improve business efficiency and productivity, as well as to reduce operational costs. That’s why there’s a lot of focus on automation and its implementation in modern business flows. Cloud computing allows organizations to automate repetitive tasks and speed up the processes. However, when…

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Benefits of Implementing Business Intelligence for Small Businesses

Business Intelligence

Most of the time small business owners have a lot on their plates due to a lack of resources. Likewise, they are forced to wear many hats, and apart from being successful entrepreneurs, they also have to be industry experts, excellent marketers, and outstanding managers. Small businesses who don’t have such jack-of-all-trade owners suffer as…

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Optimize Business Processes Within Your Team

Business Team

Businesses evolve. Work processes adopt new trends, and teams become virtually connected while being physically distant. Such is the modern business environment permeating an increasing number of companies across the globe. The concept of working remotely and managing a team of professionals hailing from every corner of the world has seen a staggering rise in…

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