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4 Ways Print and Digital Marketing Are More Powerful Together

We’ve become a digitally-driven world, and with anything we need at our fingertips, a few clicks away, it’s no wonder so many companies today focus primarily on their digital marketing strategy. They get to reach hundreds, if not thousands of people with regular social media posting, influencer collaborations are getting more vital every day, and websites are the hub for engagement, education, and better ranking. All in all, digital rules the world – to an extent, that is.

It seems that print has become irrelevant for many companies, making it all the more effective for those who actually use it. In a digitally-saturated universe, those few who still send out hand-signed thank-you notes and occasionally print out brochures and flyers manage to boost their presence beyond all expectations. The combination of print and digital seems to be the winning lottery ticket. Here’s how you can expect your combined approach to take effect for your brand, too.

Physical coupons for digital discounts and vice versa

Both digital and physical stores can utilize each other’s presence to bring more people aboard. For example, when you send a product to your local customer once they ordered it online, you can attach a discount card they can use exclusively in your physical store in a certain timeframe. This is a great way to inspire people to go to your physical stores and get to know your brand better.

Then again, your store visitors can receive QR-enriched coupons in print that will send them to your online store and grant them a discount for their favorite products. If anything, QR codes and their analytics help companies see where the most traffic comes from and how effective their print to digital campaigns work, so you can tweak them in time.

Printed social media reviews

In well-developed countries such as Australia, companies that work locally always need to go above and beyond to impress their customers. One key way in which these businesses earn the trust of their customers is by showing them their previous success stories with customer reviews. To get those reviews in front of even more eyes, you can add them to your brochures and flyers when you head out to local events and promote your brand.

Brands have started increasingly relying on offset printing services in Melbourne and other Australian cities where local events can help businesses expand their presence. Review-rich print materials are a great way to present your brand in the best possible light, hence the need to bulk-print your material to be ready in time for your next event.

Add your social details to business cards

No matter how vital your digital presence has become, you actually still use your print outlets to garner more interest for your website, your social media accounts, and your entire brand. How? Well, a simple example is your business card, where many entrepreneurs place links to their social profiles as well as their websites to attract more traffic while visiting networking events.

Remember to make your cards consistent with your brand image, so that people remember your business more easily. Add a short but effective CTA to your cards, and you’ll increase your chances of getting more people to your site as well as your social profiles. In addition to classic flyers and brochures, business cards are still the most appealing way to combine print with digital when traveling to a conference or a similar event. 

Thank-you cards with online orders

E-commerce stores do their best to personalize their experience on so many different levels. From using customers’ first names in emails, offering customized products, all the way to birthday special coupons, e-commerce companies need to go that extra mile to impress and boost customer retention. What you can do with print media, however, can take your personalization even further.

Every time someone orders a product from you, you can send them a hand-signed thank-you card. This may seem like too much effort for a business that aims to boost sales, but if you want to be memorable, print is the way to go. 


Some customers will always prefer the digital format of everything you create, while others will love the personal touch that comes with print. Of course, neither of these strategies will work perfectly alone, but they can be extremely effective when combined. Make sure that you get creative across a range of channels to utilize both your print and digital media, and you’ll generate even more leads, get better brand visibility, and boost engagement across the board. 

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