Content Marketing Creates 3x’s More Leads Than Traditional Marketing

June 17, 2017 Michele Scism

According to Demand Metric "Content marketing creates 3x’s more leads than traditional marketing and cost 62% less." If you think about it, it makes perfect sense. Content marketing can be very focused, whereas traditional marketing is more like throwing darts.

Content marketing is talk to them marketing

Print, TV and radio marketing are "Talk at Them" marketing. In those mediums you tell your ideal client what they want and there is no dialogue. With content marketing we are putting out information that talks to them because they can talk back. They can comment on your blog, post on Facebook, or tweet a response to your post.

Content marketing can be directed to your audience

The majority of content marketing is being done on the internet through social media, and business websites with the use of eBooks, videos, audio recordings. On social media platforms for example, we can be very targeted with who sees the content. We can choose people who like Mari Smith, live in Washington DC and love dogs… That’s specific. With TV, Print and Radio, those people are out there but they are mixed in with the massive group of people that aren’t your target.

Content marketing has very little risk

You can start running Facebook ads to promote your content for as little as $10. You can design a whole week campaign to get in front of very targeted audiences for $100 to $1,000. Other social media platforms are the same. Compare that to traditional marketing where there is usually a lot of upfront money to get the ad set up and then the ongoing cost of running it.

If you are sitting there wondering what content marketing is, click here to check out my video podcast => What is Content Marketing?

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