Eco-Friendly Ideas for Promotional Material

Promotional products have staying power, whether they’re used as incentives or tradeshow giveaway gifts. It is important to choose items that will create a positive association with your brand and underscore your commitment to sustainability.

Green practices often permeate most communications today since sustainability is becoming more ingrained in corporate culture. By selecting promotional products that are eco-conscious, marketers can at the same time support sustainability goals and boost brand recognition. In order to highlight the awareness of your business’ commitment to sustainability through promotional products, here is what you can opt for when it’s time to choosing the right material.

#1 Eco-Safe Water Bottle

Plastic water bottles cause significant environmental damage and have been widely condemned because of it. This led to a surge in popularity of reusable, eco-safe water bottles. These bottles are made of 30% pre-consumed recycled material that comes from discarded material from previous processes in their manufacturing.

#2 Panda Ballpoint Pen

Pretty much every company gives logoed pens as promotional products. However, you can opt for the Panda Ballpoint Pen. Why Panda? Because 60% of the material used for manufacturing it is biodegradable material – bamboo. The push-action top and the pen barrel are the bamboo components, and it features an aesthetically pleasing natural wooden look. A great environmentally-friendly pen option.

#3 Recyclable Flyer

Flyers are the most common of promotional materials. More often than not do we come back to your apartment carrying a bunch of flyers that someone handed to us on the street, or open the mailbox to find dozens of them. There are recyclable flyers made of 100% biodegradable biocomposite and 100% recyclable plastic, which makes these flyers great for promoting environmentally responsible actions and exercise.
For example, you can find eco-friendly companies that offer flyer printing. These green companies build a cooperation policy for the supply of eco-friendly printed promotional material and use management systems which allow minimum recycle and waste of paper, metals, glass, and all suitable organic waste.

#4 Recycled Mini Notebook

Eco-friendly notebooks are usually made of recycled cardboards. With your brand logo prominently printed on the front cover, you can promote environmental awareness and your company. The journal is recyclable once the pages are all filled up, so you should let your recipients know that it’s time to go on to make a new promotional product that’s sustainable.

#5 Eco-Friendly Lanyard

As people like to use lanyards for ID holders and car keys, they are popular promotional items. The cotton, out of which these eco-friendly lanyards are made, is grown without the use of harmful pesticides and chemicals. They are comfortable to wear and exceptionally soft, with a flat weave that’s perfect for a logo imprint.

#6 Recycled Computer Tote

This bag is made of recyclable leather and has recycled bottles, a zipped pocket for an iPad mini or a smartphone, and can fit most 15” laptops. Also, a computer tote is a superb employee appreciation gift. For companies who foster eco-friendly values, the recycled computer tote is the “new black” among promotional messenger bags. Harmful waste can be transformed into a high-quality product for everyday practical use, and this computer tote proves it.

#7 Goofy Grow Pot Eco-Planter

The goofy grow pot eco-planter is a great promotional item that can make you smile and is eco-friendly. If you want to grow a nice little desk plant, this eco-planter includes everything you need – a basil seed packet, a compressed soil wafer, a pot made of corn fiber, bamboo and other reclaimed organic materials, as well as a cover that can function as a spill catcher and planter-base. On one side there’s a smiley face, while the other side is reserved for your brand logo.

When thinking of ways to support and showcase your commitment to raising environmental awareness, while increasing brand recognition at the same time, there’s no doubt you should consider using some unique eco-friendly promotional products. Recycled paper pencils and biodegradable pens (writing instruments); biodegradable sport bottles and recycled walking enthusiast kits (health and wellness products); organic T-shirts and natural caps (apparel); and desk accessories like eco journals and bamboo business card holders are all great ideas for promotional products that give the right impression of what your company stands for.
Your business’ sustainability will be improved once you start reducing its environmental impact. So, launch your company’s green movement with these products that will renew your marketing strategy in the most positive manner.

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