Why Small Business Shouldn't Invest Too Much Into SEO

Why Small Business Shouldn’t Invest Too Much Into SEO

Small business owners often talk about having to invest into hiring someone to help them with their SEO.

They are bombarded by SEO experts suggesting they build a new website, run regular reports and pay an “experts” thousands (sometimes per month) to help with their organic Google ranking.

This is the wrong approach.

Small businesses that have no intentions of competing with big brands on a global scale are better off investing their limited funds into basic seo foundations and other marketing functions that will get them business, now.

Here are the basic seo requirements and considerations for a small business:

  1. Using a website platform that is seo friendly. The easiest one is WordPress.
  2. Add a seo plugin which will guide you the seo viability of each page and blog post.
  3. Know what you represent and provide content around that area of expertise. All the time.
  4. Produce original content on your website.
  5. Use Google Analytics and Google Search Console to measure your performance.
  6. Use Google Maps and Google Business to be found locally.

Google rewards people who create regular and relevant content. This is how you organically rank over time and in your industry.

If you’re competing in an extremely saturated environment then you need to refine your niche offering and invest your time into accessing people via other marketing channels such as:

  • Networking events
  • Facebook and Facebook ads
  • Twitter, Instagram
  • LinkedIn accounts & groups
  • Partnering with other local or small businesses
  • Speaking opportunities
  • Media features in your industry publications or general media

The whole point of Google rankings and other marketing activities is for people to visit your website.

Therefore make sure once they do, you have the right content on there and a way to convert them. A tool that captures their data, for example an email alert sign up or a special offer.

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