What Makes You Remarkable?

What Makes You Remarkable?

Inspired by Seth Godin’s Purple Cow this marketing bite is something I find myself saying to many clients when we start to speak about marketing and what it means to do Great Marketing.

When you are trying to position yourself in the market place and stand out from all the rest; you’ve got to start with remarkable! Be remarkable in your product or service. Be remarkable in how it’s delivered. Be remarkable in who you are and why you are.

Being remarkable is not just for the Apple’s of this world. It’s for every business no matter how large or how small. It’s a critical component of Great Marketing… Of Successful Marketing. And if you haven’t discovered yours yet then you’re not ready to go to market!

Seth has a blog post on the How to of Being Remarkable and here’s the two most salient points for me:

  • Be remarkable about something people care about.
  • Remarkable doesn’t mean remarkable to you. It means remarkable to me. Am I going to make a remark on it? Are you doing something that’s worth remarking on?

Spend a moment and think about meeting people for the first time and describing what you do. Let’s assume this isn’t the fabled ‘elevator pitch’ but that the people you are talking to really want to know all about you.

So where do you get excited? Do they get excited too? What’s the bit that makes you proud? If you were to finish this sentence ‘I love seeing when…. ‘ what would it say? Can all these be clues to your own ‘remarkableness’?

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