Eckerle Law


Eckerle Law, which is a corporate law firm, was founded by Bettina Eckerle. She’s a frequent speaker about legal and compliance topics, and her first book, The Ultimate Guide To The Advisers Act, was released in January 2015.

Project Objectives: Redesign and rebuild Eckerle Law’s Blog, making it more intuitive, accessible, usable, and stylish to attract readers:

  • Created page templates, such as the blog, article, archive, and search pages, using the modern full-width page look to help bring the articles to the readers” attention on subjects such as Financial Advisers, Entrepreneurs, and Start-ups.
  • The blog page displays totally dynamically the latest articles filtered by category and ordered by date. The sidebars, which include an introduction to the blog from Bettina Eckerle, were carefully designed to make the blog even more accessible to the reader.
  • The subscription forms to Eckerle Law’s newsletter and the search tool were widely added throughout the blog, displaying on sidebars and footer. The inclusion of social media channels, such as JD Supra, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, were made available in the articles to help communication among readers. A new Twitter feed widget with a clean and professional look was added throughout the site.
  • Photos with a new sophisticated look were introduced in the latest posts to honor the quality of the articles.
  • Page templates were built using the responsive design approach to make it compatible with devices from mobile to desktop computers, working properly with different browsers and operating systems.
  • Built using WordPress/PHP, and front-end technologies, such as HTML, CSS3, and JavaScript/jQuery.