LifeSource Environmental Solutions


LifeSource Environmental Solutions, located in Virginia, provides indoor healthy home analysis. Taking into consideration the collective indoor home interactions of chemical, biological and electromagnetic exposures, LifeSource works to create health environments based on the principles of building biology.

Project Objectives: Rebuild LifeSource Environmental Solutions website in WordPress to ensure responsive design across browser and platform, better SEO, and more accessible navigation for a better user experience and web presence.

The website was designed with eye-catching hero images to highlight the messaging of each page. The homepage was custom-coded within the WordPress theme to accomplish a unique entry page into the website. The navigation was streamlined from the client’s former website, so users could move through the site with ease.


  • The Services and Resources page include dynamic, image-based submenus that jump down to the relevant section for information.
  • The Resources page was created with hyperlinked research and additional websites for further reading on the science of indoor health and environmental exposures.
  • The Foundations page includes an interesting history of building biology and core principles of the business.
  • Careful attention was given to SEO to help boost the website’s rankings and searchability.
  • This website was built using technologies such as WordPress, HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript.