Quantum Stat



Quantum Stat is a marketing and consumer research company based in New York City. Providing in-depth business intelligence to customers, and using the latest and most advanced data technologies, Quantum Stat’s primary research goals are to maximize understanding of consumer behavior and consumer interaction with the digital world.

Project Objectives: Design and build Quantum Stat’s website for its inaugural web presence. Create a clean layout and easy navigation to highlight the client’s data and research capabilities and products. Develop a databank of research and a membership login portal.


  • An animated video background set to perpetual loop was used for the homepage hero banner to draw attention to Quantum Stat’s digital and data-based focus.
  • The homepage was designed to introduce customers to the full scope of Quantum Stat’s products and services, highlighting each offering (i.e. Weekly Reports; Databank; Stat of the Week) with clear images and product descriptions.
  • A Blog was set up to allow Quantum Stat’s thought-leaders to publish frequent insights and news related to emerging tech and digital marketing, and to further engage customers with the content and website.
  • A Databank was created as a repository of dynamic data charts and industry reports where users can download data and reports, further integrating customer retention. The databank was developed with multiple color-coded boxes where users can easily and quickly search data by their specific areas of interest.
  • A Login site was created to connect with customers who sign up for premium membership access.
  • Page templates were built using responsive design to enable the website to function seamlessly across browser and all platforms.
  • Social media integration was accomplished through LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook icons, prominently displayed at the bottom of each page and on the Contact page.
  • A Free newsletter sign-up form was added to all pages to enable Quantum Stat to grow their customer email list and provide up-to-date information to customers by e-newsletter updates.
  • SEO integration was accomplished using Yoast SEO.
  • This website was built using technologies such as WordPress, HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript.