Salih Salon


Salih Salon, which is a hair salon located in the Upper East side of New York, is owned by Salih Cakirca. Salih’s focused attention to each client, his warm and welcoming nature, and the range of techniques ready at his fingertips are just part of what has made Salih Cakirca an Upper East Side mainstay for over fifteen years.

Project Objectives: Redesign and rebuild Salih Salon’s website, making it more stylish, accessible, and usable to attract clients:


  • The website was built using the flat design approach with expressive typography to catch the eye of the visitor. The home page includes an Instagram feed to showcase the latest haircuts and styles. High-resolution images were added throughout the site.
  • A blog, which includes the latest insights and tips on hair fashion, was added to engage customers.
  • A beautiful bio about Salih Cakirca’s accomplishments was included in the team page and is worth reading.
  • Checkout the google map in the contact page if you’d like specific information about Salih Salon’s location.
  • This website was built using technologies, such as WordPress, HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript.