Morning Rituals

Do You Have a Morning Ritual?

Have you ever wondered how ordinary people with average skills become owners of successful businesses or experts in particular niches? There must be something that makes them different from the rest of the pack. However, it’s not only work discipline. Hundreds of millions of people have it and they still end up working on an assembly line. It looks that it’s more related to their specific routines. So, how can special morning rituals bring a touch of fresh air to your stale life?

Saying hello to the Sun

When you wake up, you should first express gratitude to the thing that makes it possible for you to open your eyes in this world every single morning. No matter whether or not you can see it on the horizon when you wake up, direct your thoughts towards the Sun, the supreme object that provides life (and light) for the humankind. The sun salutation ritual will have a powerful effect on your mind, giving you enough strength for all the challenges you’re going to face that day.

In addition, if you’re more into religion, say your prayer when you wake up. It will also have a beneficial effect on your state of mind.

Activating the body

People often find it hard to cope with the moment their alarm clock starts beeping. Moreover, they stay in the same cranky mood all day long. However, changing your morning paradigm can bring some order into a topsy-turvy lifestyle. So, if you see getting up early as an advantage, you’ll have more energy and motivation for your work tasks and private obligations. According to an analysis of different studies, published by the Harvard Business Review, people who work out regularly in the morning show greater productivity in everything they do. For all those reasons, start with some simple morning stretches. If you’ve been physically inactive for a longer period of time, stick to those easy exercises for a few weeks. As the time goes by, add some more exercises and start your day with a real injection of rejuvenating energy.

Finding (m)in(d)spiration

Although it’s often said that a healthy body keeps a mind healthy, those two features don’t always work together. This is why it’s extremely important to find a mental routine that will keep your mind inspired. In light of the aforementioned change of paradigm, think about moving some evening habits to the morning. For instance, reading before going to bed could be replaced by reading at dawn or in the morning. This newly established morning habit will free more sleeping time for the night time and warm up your mind before the daily errands start rolling in. What’s more, you’ll read more easily with a fresh mind.

Hydrating the body

When you don’t drink water for seven or eight hours, you feel weak and nauseous. Although during the sleep your body is having a rest, it can still dehydrate. This is why starting a day with a glass of mildly cold or tepid water is a healthy habit. In general, hydrating in the morning will keep you invigorated throughout the day. Nevertheless, some widespread morning drinking habits are counterproductive. For instance, starting your day with coffee could lead to an addiction. While this habit doesn’t have to be completely abandoned, switching up coffee and tea mornings is a healthier way of taking the best of both worlds. Teas not only hydrate our bodies but also add to the feeling of relaxation. And if you drink your tea from custom mugs decorated with some smart quotations from the morning readings mentioned in the previous paragraph, you’ll get your hydration served with inspiration.

Morning obsessions of sportspeople

Successful sportspeople are famous for their little morning routines, especially tennis players. Novak Djokovic, for instance, starts his day with a glass of water and two spoons of honey. Serena Williams, on the other hand (actually, on both hands), begins every new day with hand stands. As for basketballer routines, LeBron James gets up at 5.45 and starts his day with two glasses of water, before moving on, to his morning workout routine. Furthermore, the skiing champion Lindsey Vonn gets up at 5.30, to do her pre-ski workout. That way she gets mentally and physically ready for her excruciating training sessions. If you don’t have a morning ritual, you should establish one (or more). They’ll help you focus on the day ahead of you and bring your mind and body into a working condition. In return, your time management will improve, as will your efficiency in everything you do.

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