Top 10 Rules for Success

Top 10 Rules For Success From Successful People

The secret to success could be finding your passion as Warren Buffet mentioned. It could be making a change in the world as Mark Zuckerberg said. We all want to achieve success, but we need to keep working hard, being an expert at what we do, and interacting with others to secure success. Success is a journey in life.

Here are the top 10 rules for success from some successful people:

Warren Buffett’s top 10 rules for success

  1. Find your passion
  2. Hire well
  3. Don’t care what others think
  4. Read, read, read
  5. Have a margin of safety
  6. Have a competitive advantage
  7. Schedule for your personality
  8. Always be competing
  9. Model Success
  10. Give unconditional love

Bill Gates’s top 10 rules for success

  1. Believe in your ideas
  2. Create the best products
  3. Don’t take things personally
  4. Always be a student
  5. Be fanatical
  6. Take your competitors seriously
  7. Learn to say no
  8. Make a difference
  9. Surprise the pessimists
  10. Earn respect

Steve Jobs’ top 10 rules for success

  1. Be willing to fail
  2. Be the thinker and doer
  3. Question everything
  4. Focus
  5. Reiterate the vision
  6. Make great products
  7. Persevere
  8. Create for people
  9. Be a great storyteller
  10. Dream big

Kanye West’s top 10 rules for success

  1. Be hungry
  2. Appreciate every moment
  3. Add value
  4. Define who you are
  5. Think differently
  6. Become exceptional
  7. Push yourself to the next level
  8. You can do anything
  9. Find your true love
  10. Inspire

Oprah Winfrey’s top 10 rules for success

  1. Be authentic
  2. Do it all
  3. Love more
  4. Always give your best
  5. You are what you believe
  6. Find your core self
  7. Provide value
  8. Don’t give up
  9. Live in the now
  10. Have fun

Mark Zuckerberg’s top 10 rules for success

  1. You get what you spend your time doing
  2. Get feedback
  3. Make mistakes
  4. Only hire people who you would work for
  5. Make a change in the world
  6. Learn from the people around you
  7. Build a really good team
  8. Give the very best experience
  9. Care the most about it
  10. Social bonds are critical

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