Didn't Hit Your Peak Success?

Didn’t Hit Your Peak Success in 2016?

Do you feel like your 2016 wasn’t as successful as you’d hoped? You had a plan in place, you followed it, and … still didn’t hit the targets and goals you envisaged.

You’re not alone. Securing new business is getting harder and harder these days, with every industry saturated with the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to options.

You’re competing with smooth salespeople or a cheaper option down the road. You’re also often competing with bigger budgets and higher expectations.

It’s time to stop relying on the way things used to be done — or purely on social media — to build your brand and business.

The new way of marketing your business needs to be ‘strategic connecting’.

This is my specialised area of expertise. It’s something I can strategise for anyone, and it encompasses all the key elements you need to market yourself and secure more business. If you do it right.

Simply put. It’s all about being strategic in everything you do. Everything. Including what you say, who you speak with and the events you attend.

The people you hire/outsource

Be strategic with who you bring onto your team, regardless of their role. They are all representing your brand with every contact they make (email, phone, online or in person). So be strategic and make sure they will promote you and your business at all times.

Your brand

How are you perceived by the market? How do you want to be portrayed? Make sure you’re being very calculated in your approach. Don’t assume just because you’re good at what you do that it equals a strong brand. Different markets respond to qualities in different ways. What is appealing to a wealthy baby boomer is different to a regional small business owner. Make sure your brand reflects both you and what your market is looking for/needing.

Where you market yourself

This is a very important area in which to be strategic. Don’t follow the crowd and feel the need to be on the latest social media platform or copy what your competitors are doing. Have a look at what has worked previously for you, pick the top three and focus on repeating them — but with more effort and investment.


This is an area that at least someone from your company should be focusing on. Hosting, attending and/or participating in events. This is how you build your baseline. Understand which events are being attended by your ideal target audience and make sure you are seen at enough of them to be well known. Meet new people, take the opportunity to sponsor events, and follow up everyone you meet.

Client relationship management

Your current clients are your biggest sales force. If they are happy with you, they will have no problem providing a testimonial, make themselves available for others to contact in the prospecting process and refer business to you. Therefore make sure you keep them happy and remind them that you’re always looking for people like them and please spread the word. If they do refer you, thank them!

It’s time to throw out the idea that a marketing plan on paper alone will get you through 2017 successfully. You need to develop a ‘strategic connecting’ plan which involves brand, profile building, old school marketing, social media and networking.

If this is something you or your marketing team need help with email me to find out how I can help make 2017 your most successful year yet.

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