Things Small Businesses Should Outsource

Things Small Businesses Should Outsource

Small businesses need to work on decreasing their overhead expenses in order to invest more money into business growth. There are many business tasks that are hard to manage with a limited budget and small companies need to outsource them to specialized agencies that employ the top industry experts. Services of these agencies are not always cheap, but in the long run they’ll save significant funds and provide the top-quality work. Outsourcing some parts of your business also saves you a lot of time that you can invest in further development of your company.

Bookkeeping and accounting

American Psychological Association determined that multitasking can cause a 40% drop in productivity. It also increases your stress levels and makes you more nervous. Bookkeeping is an obligatory task for every company, and you shouldn’t make mistakes while doing it. Uncle Sam and the IRS won’t blame multitasking for your inadequate tax return, they will blame you, which can lead to harsh penalties, company liquidation or even jail time. That’s why bookkeeping and accounting tasks should definitely be outsourced to skilled professionals.

Graphic design

You should outsource some parts of your business, even before the incorporation. Every business needs a logo and company colors. If you’re not a professional graphic designer you will have a lot of problems with designing your company’s logo in Adobe Illustrator or Inkscape. Of course, you can use various free logo tools, but they offer very limited customization options. If you decide to outsource graphic design tasks, you should also ask a professional designer to create several logos and inscriptions that you can later use for printing promotional products and creating online marketing campaigns.

Content marketing

You might be a skillful marketer and a great entrepreneur, but content planning and creation requires lots of time and some talents that you might not have. First, you need to be a very good writer and storyteller. Then you need to optimize your content strategy with: photos, graphics and videos and each one of these categories requires you to learn more skills and spend more money on software. Since content marketing can dramatically upgrade your small business, you should definitely outsource this type of work and use the services of professional marketers and content creators.

Customer support

Customers need someone to turn to in case they have a problem with your product. Most entrepreneurs have a very busy schedule and they can’t spend their day in reviewing customer complaints and exchanging tweets and calls. That’s why they should outsource customer support tasks as well as virtual receptionist services.

This will enable them to provide more dedicated service and drastically increase their customer loyalty. Agencies that provide customer support services can customize their approach to your customers’ needs. The phone shouldn’t be the only channel for receiving customer complaints, you can also use Twitter, live chat, WhatsApp and various other communication apps and channels.

Administrative tasks

Unfortunately, entrepreneurship still encompasses many administrative tasks. This small tasks can shift your attention from your company’s core processes. Today, many experienced office clerks work as freelance virtual administrators. You can pay them by the hour and they will take care of many repetitive tasks that might be stopping you from focusing on your business development.

When deciding about the areas of your business that you should outsource, you need to focus on the difference between a full-time hire and the outsourcing price. Outsourcing agencies are very efficient, but their rates can be quite expensive. If you want to save more money, you can hire freelance professionals on platforms like Upwork, Fiverr and 99Design and later promote them into a full-scale remote employees.

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