How I Got Quoted on

How I got quoted

What are the big news sites and magazine sites for your industry? Where do your prospects get their news online? I work with entrepreneurs, so for me, it is sites like and Recently, I was quoted in an article on about millionaire entrepreneurs who sleep in. If you know me, then that…

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Low-Cost Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Website

Increase Website Traffic

In the digital world, your online presence defines your past, present and most importantly, your future. There is no escaping it – if you are not online, then you are not on the market, and if you do try to venture into the competitive arena without a strong online presentation, your fame, if attained, will…

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What is Relationship Marketing?

Relationship Marketing

What brands do you love that are nailing relationship marketing? Maybe we need to start by looking at “What is relationship marketing”. I’ll tell you what it is not. It is not meeting me on Facebook and immediately asking me to buy something from you!!!!! How do you build a relationship with your prospects? The…

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What is Content Marketing?

What is Content Marketing

When you think about content marketing, what is the first thing you think of? Blogging? Writing articles? What about visual content? I read a great article on HubSpot that expanded on the conversation about what content marketing really is. It had great statistics, and you know I love statistics! Here are a few that I…

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