Questions To Ask Clients for E-Commerce Web Redesign Projects

Questions To Ask Clients for E-Commerce Web Redesign Projects

The below are questions I ask clients who want to redesign their e-commerce website. Thoroughness, transparency, and clear expectations are key for great communication between both of us, the client and myself.

  1. What is your purpose and goal for this web project?
  2. What does success look like for you? (ex. what would be your ultimate revenue goal?)
  3. What were the technologies used to build your current website?
  4. What is your current hosting platform?
  5. If you responded ‘yes’ to the previous question, do you want to keep your current hosting platform?
  6. What do you like on your current website? Would you like to keep it?
  7. Is there anything you don’t like on your current website?
  8. Is there anything you’d like to improve in your current website?
  9. Is your site’s content ready for the redesign project?
  10. Do you volunteer or contribute financially to a non-profit organization? If yes, how do you think we could make it look special on your website?
  11. What products are you selling at the moment?
  12. How many products do you have? Include number of choices for each item.
  13. What kind of check-out and payment process are you using now? Would you like to keep it? Why?
  14. How do you ship your items? Do you like this process?
  15. What is your deadline?
  16. What kind of budget do you have allocated for designing and developing your website? This will help us focus on what you really want from your website and set expectations.
  17. Who will be maintaining your website upon completion? If a 3rd party will be maintaining your website, what would be your budget?
  18. What is your preferred channel of communication?
  19. Could you give me examples of ‘good-looking’ sites?
  20. Could you give me an example of a site with a great shopping cart experience?
  21. How will you promote your new site?

In order to prepare for a first time meeting with the client, it is a good idea to research what questions the developer should expect from the client. Having an open mind and giving priority to the client’s satisfaction is important for establishing a good business relationship from start.

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