Top 8 Tips For Designing A Great Web Page

September 16, 2014 Maria C. Lima

Here are the top 8 tips for designing a high-quality web page:

  1. Include meaningful content to win the visitor’s attention.
  2. Express yourself in few words so the visitor quickly understands your message.
  3. Before you layout the content on your page, organize it mentally in a grid layout, then sketch it on a piece of paper.
  4. Create contrast with pleasing but opposite color combination to make your page interesting.
  5. Integrate good quality images, photos, videos, and audio to engage the visitor.
  6. Include an optIn form, so the visitor can subscribe to your blog, services and/or products.
  7. Optimize your web page for search engines to increase your online visibility. Refer to the Google SEO Starter Guide.
  8. Before officially releasing your page, seek for feedback on user experience with a group of people that resembles your target audience to better understand the flaws of your page if any exists.

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Maria C. Lima

Maria C. Lima

Maria is an esteemed and celebrated independent web developer based in New York City. Her design and development work show tremendous passion and insight, which she brings to all of her clients and projects with love, professionalism, and an esteemed work ethic admired by all who partner with Maria.