A Peek Into The Usability Of MCL Interactive

September 23, 2014 Maria C. Lima

I am so glad! My website received a rave review from User Testing.

In my previous post, Top 8 Tips for Designing a Great Web Page, I recommend to get feedback on your web page’s usability from a group of people that resembles your target audience. Using User Testing is a good way to receiving a constructive critique for this purpose.

Steve Krug, the Author of Don’t Make Me Think, recommends User Testing. He said, "One of the very few tools I recommend. Requires almost no effort and gets you results incredibly quickly."

Click the image below to listen to the review on YouTube. The video lasts less than 5 minutes because this was a FREE test. The process was very easy; I retrieved http://peek.usertesting.com/ in my browser window, submitted my site’s URL, and entered my name and email address in the subsequent page. I received the video on my inbox within one hour. This was a great experience.

The original video can be found here.

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Maria C. Lima

Maria C. Lima

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