What Comes First When Building A Website?

When you are shopping for the best website you possibly could have, you should ask yourself:

What comes first, the content or design?

This is the best beneficial question you can ask yourself. The answer would be content comes first.

Content is more important than design. The second most important item is building a website that is compatible with most devices and browsers. The third most important item would be the aesthetics of the website. If you think about these items prior to building your website, you’re certainly in the right direction, and you know what you’re looking for. So, you should look for a

1) Brand expert

2) Web Developer expert

3) Web Designer and User Experience expert

to build your website. I am 2) and 3).

Usually, I receive from the client a Word document with the content distributed by sections, each one representing a web page. I have excellent web design skills, acquired through college, and know what needs to be done to make your site appealing to the eye. One other priority would be to make your website easily accessible by the user – this is where I apply my awesome user experience skills because you want to reach your audience the best way possible.

You should focus as much as possible on the content and brand awareness part of your website. You first identify the pages you want for your website. Then, you think about what you want to communicate to your audience in each page. The first phase of building a website should be to create wireframes; i.e., the first draft of your website should be just black and white diagrams populated with content.

When we start building a website, we should always separate content from design.

If you plan to hire someone to brand your business and you use the approach mentioned above, this will just bring benefits to you. You will have someone just concentrated on your content, business message, and brand. The result will be content that is meaningful and position yourself where you want to be. Making it look good will be just a adds-on. In addition, if you select examples of sites you like, you will have a website that will be meeting your expectations.

After you build your website, you then should market it using social media channels, email newsletters campaigns, advertising, etc.

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  1. Great insights, Maria. I could have used this advice when I had someone develop my website — I tend to overfocus on the design piece because I’m so visual.


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